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The KT Education Program

KT Education provides a comprehensive, well researched program which caters to all abilities. Students are taught the program in the classroom and then have the opportunity to complete their work with the tutor's support. The program also includes weekly homework exercises to allow students to consolidate and revise. Students sit quarterly tests to ensure they retain the concepts they have learnt.  

Mathematics P - Yr 10

Our comprehensive program covers all areas of mathematics designed to assist students who need more support and to challenge those who want to excel. All concepts are thoroughly researched and explained step by step for ease of understanding.

English P - Yr 10

Covering all areas of English, students work on buildin their vocabularly, grammar, comprehension and writing skills. They have weekly spelling tests and explore various types of writing with a writing piece submitted and critiqued each week

Science Yr 5 - Yr 10

Our science program covers all areas of Science including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and much more. Students study the areas of Science to explore and increase their general knowledge of science and the world. Students will have the opportunity to see virtual experiments and watch videos on case studies to further their understanding


We accept students from grade 5 to year 10 in our Science classes and the small group format encourages discussion and interactivity. 

Selective/Naplan Examination Practice and Writing Workshops
Yr 3 - Yr 9

Our specialised programs for Selective and Naplan enables students to sit exams in an environment similar to what they will experience in the actual examination. Students will then have the opportunity to sit in follow up workshops so they can review their exam and improve on areas that are of concern. 


Our Writing workshop program allows students to explore the techniques and methods of writing essays in different styles and formats. Students learn to brainstorm, plan and structure to improve their writing with correct grammar and incoprorate extensive vocabulary.



Yr 11 & Yr 12 Tuition

Our VCE group program is based on the Victorian curriculum and aims to cater to students grouping them into small groups so that they can focus on specific needs such as different English texts and specific maths subjects.




Private Tuition P - Yr 12
Physical & Online

KT Education provides a private tutition service which is specific to the student and focuses on their individual goals and needs. Students may follow the KT program or they can bring in their own work which they need assistance with one on one. 


We cater for all students who wish to have a private session one on one with the teacher and many of our VCE students prefer to take up private tutition as they find they can focus on their specific subjects such a Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Accounting. 




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