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KT Education also provide Online Private classes for those who require more specialised knowledge or want to work specifically on certain areas to get ahead quickly. Our sessions are per hour and we cater from P-12 where students from P-9 work usually work on our program and students from Yr 10 -12 work on key learning areas following the curriculum. 

We have found that there are key benefits that suit our students when it comes to classes online"

1. Students are able to choose the Tutor they wish without the restriction of availability as the 24/7 environment allows both parties to find a suitable mutual time.

2. Specialised dedicated tutoring for your child where the Tutor prepares specific work that is targeted for your child which provides a human touch to lessons and you can see a speedier rate of improvement.

3. Research has showed that Students are more likely to ask for help online than in person- 

a. Students prefer to seek help electronically from their teachers rather than meet in person;

b. Students whose classes have a web component seek help more often than students in a traditional class with no web resource; and

c. Students report that they feel less threatened to seek help using an electronic system such as chat or email.

Contact us for more information if you think this service is suited for your child. 


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