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Our Online Classes 

KT Education now provides our comprehensive, well researched program through online where students have the opportunity to complete their work with the tutor's support and guidance over video conferencing, a fully contact-less method of teaching. 

Laptop Writing

KT Education also provide Online Private classes for those who require more specialised knowledge or want to work specifically on certain areas to get ahead quickly. Our sessions are per hour and we cater from P-12. Contact us for more information.

The structure of our program involves no set homework – the students will sit exams covering a wide range of topics and questions and then attend a workshop to review each style of question they will be exposed to in the real life exam. In addition to this, they will have private writing workshop sessions with the exam marker to work on their writing skills to meet and exceed expectations for their level. 

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In the Classroom

Some frequently asked questions you might be wondering about!




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