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What happens when your child becomes a KT Student?

Upon enrolling into KT Education, our students are all assessed to ensure we understand their capabilities and standard. Students are then placed into respective KT classes accordingly so they can build on their academic foundations, consolidate and excel.


We cater for students who need to build on their confidence in class and concepts and also for students who are wishing to aim high to gain scholarships or be selected to top private and state schools in Australia.


We have an excellent success rate with students pleased with all their academic results in class, NAPLAN tests, Scholarship tests and Selective tests. Our programs enables students to focus on their specific needs. Please see our programs to see how we can help you!


"He has improved so much..."


"I started bringing Joshua to KT Education after he had friends who had joined and suddenly started getting better results in class and Joshua felt left behind. Since joining for 2 terms her has improved so much and now strives to be better in his maths so he can be top of the class. The challenge for him has been great" - Sally (Mum of Grade 2 student)

"Thanks fo KT Education, Susie got a scholarship!"


"Susie has always been an academically driven student but she wanted more testing preparation as she was sitting entrance exams for secondary school. She started the group classes and also attending the exam workshops with testing every week so she can practise. She got offerred two scholarships into two prestigious private schools! I'm so grateful to KT for their support!" George (Father of Grade 6 student)

"NAPLAN results were out of this world!"


"We were shocked when we saw Lucas's NAPLAN results especially with his writing. Some of our friends encouraged us to get Lucas assessed at KT to see if they could help him. Lucas has since been attending KT for 3 years now and can now write stories and enjoys reading. I never thought I'd see the day when he had his next NAPLAN scores and he was a higher band in writing than the average. We were so pleased, thank you so much!" (Mother of Grade 5 student)

"She got 3 scholarships"


"Thank you so much for helping Sarah achieve not 1 but 3 scholarships for 3 different private and schools. She was given a 100% scholarship with (School name withheld) and two 50% scholarships with (School names withheld). Sarah has been doing group and private mathematics and English tuition since prep to now (she's in year 6) and the scholarships will certainly help with school fees for the rest of her high school years!" (Mother of Grade 6 Student)

Smiling Student
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